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Introducing Luxe Beauty and Wellness Boutique

Luxe Beauty and Wellness Boutique in Bellflower offers a complete line of luxury beauty services that focus on enhancing your natural beauty and helping you achieve optimum wellness. The following are just a few of our most popular services:

Botox and Fillers

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with popular anti-aging treatments that last for months. Luxe Beauty and Wellness Boutique offers Botox and other dermal fillers that are very effective at helping you achieve smoother, younger-looking skin through a process that’s fast and requires no downtime. Call Luxe Beauty and Wellness Boutique to schedule an appointment.


Luxe Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Get the dazzling, white smile you've always wanted without having to deal with sticky strips and whitening gels. Choose Luxe Cosmetic Teeth Whitening for a simple and effective way to whiten your teeth quickly and without all of the mess. Call today to schedule an appointment!


Body Sculpting

Reduce unwanted fat and get the lean, toned look you desire with body sculpting treatments from Luxe Beauty and Wellness Boutique. This technique allows you to target fat in stubborn areas using a safe, non-invasive procedure that offers long-lasting results.


Chocolate Waxing

Get the waxing services you want with less pain and irritation. The new Chocolate Wax is one of the latest treatments to take advantage of the nourishing properties of real chocolate. Chocolate contains emollients, vitamins, and antioxidants that soothe skin and reduce redness. Plus, it smells great! Experience a different kind of waxing and schedule a Chocolate Wax at Luxe Beauty and Wellness Boutique today.


Book Now To Begin Your Luxe Beauty Journey!

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